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A trade group for firms backing a number of sports teams issued a policy statement regarding the publication made by the Green Paper of the European Commission (EC) on online casino gaming and the consultation that follows it. The European Sponsorship Association (ESA) described the segment as fast growing and dynamic. They noted that gambling sponsorship agreements since 2007 made several hundreds of millions of cash and that the trend is continuing to rise. While the growth online casinos and the Internet gambling market is showing is welcome, legal issues about gambling sponsorship is different in different countries. This prompted the Association to release a statement about needed restrictions and the developments.

ESA’s European policy chief, Helen Day believes that the Green Paper’s looming release on gambling at online casinos and internet gaming sites, it’s just right for the Association to outline its issue on online casino sponsorships. She said that they had talks with EC regarding the Green Paper. She added that they intend to make sure that Internet gambling backing is understood and be presented correctly so that ESA will respond to consultation.

In the ESA issued policy it is pointed that sponsorships should have (1) legality. It was indicated that there are no laws that manage the promotion and provision of services in all the 27 EU members. It is also shown that sports controlling agencies and sports groups must (2) self-regulate. These bodies must be able to know which sponsors are right for them. They also welcome proposals that promote facts sharing and cooperation among the sports clubs and online casino gaming firms, thus maintaining (3) integrity. Lastly, ESA wants gambling firms to practice (4) corporate responsibility. The Association wants a guarantee that sponsorships do not influence children.

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