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Australia has recently launched an inquiry body for interactive gaming. Although it started its operation officially in September 2010, it is only in May 2011 when it presented the outcome of its first inquiry regarding the technology of electronic games, similar to online casino. The inquiry body is called the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform (JSCOGR). It was organized by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in response to the agreement she had with the independent members of the parliament before the current government was formed. The promise she made was with Andrew Wilkie that she will form a Select Committee of the Parliament to tackle on the issue of land-based and online casinos and gambling in Australia.

The committee, with the sole purpose of giving advice and providing recommendations on issues and concerns related to gambling-- most especially the controversial online casinos, seemed to be partial considering that the chairman is Senator Andrew Wilkie and the deputy chair is Senator Nick Xenophon, both of them are seen as anti-gambling politicians. Senator Xenophon’s stance is to really regulate online casino and gambling seriously. Senator Wilkie, on the other hand, is neutral in his position on the issue of Internet gambling. However, the recommendations of the committee are not binding in the Australian federal government.

Initially, the inquiry was on the issue of the popularity and pervasiveness of interactive and online casino and gambling across Australia. It then tried to assess how adequate was the Interactive Gambling Act of 2011 was able to be dispensed effectively so that it will have an impact on the economic and social aspects of the nation. Aside from it, there were also discussions on match-fixing in sport events, spot betting and others.

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