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Recent good news about the gambling industry in Holland has been reported by Dutch Recommendations by the Dutch Justice Ministry’s commission report states that the government’s gambling monopoly should be put to a halt. Furthermore, it also pushes that certain internet poker firms should be licensed to operate within the country. While other gambling venues such as online casinos and bingo are yet to be freely enjoyed by the citizens of Holland, the support for poker’s legalization may be a significant and promising step that could lead to future legalization of online casino gambling, sports betting, and the like. However, some critics claim that the current recommendation should have already gone as far as including other forms of gambling.

The recommendation was a product of an intensive commission report organized by Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballinon, which delved into a full assessment of internet gambling’s good and bad aspects. The Jansen committee consisted of home affairs ministry officials and legal experts that worked together to review current laws on online casinos and internet gambling. As a result, the comprehensive report found favor in the legalization of poker. According to the report, the commission recommends a new Internet system wherein illegal poker operators will be brought under legal regulation. However, the favor does not cover other gambling venues such as online casino sites or other internet gambling in general.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Remote Gambling Association, Clive Hawkswood, criticized the recommendation and essentially found it to be lacking. He claimed that the opportunity should not have discriminated against other forms of gambling such as online casinos and sports betting. As in jurisdiction within Denmark and other countries, there should have been a simultaneous recognition that not only poker can be regulated properly.

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