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Disneys New Inventi
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Disney's New Invention



Though Internet gaming has been hit ‘big’ by the DoJ, online casinos are here to stay. All thanks to the Disney Group, a corporate giant in the US. Soon, online casino gaming can be accessed using hand-held projectors. Taking inspiration from Japan’s historical theatre presentation, Disney wants to develop the latest plan from mobile content into something discernible.

Before long, online bingo, casinos and mobile gamers will experience the time-honored Japanese Utsushi-e Theatre format, which uses lantern lights to illustrate enthralling stories and phantasmagoria on Shoji screens. The basic concept before the cinema was invented is currently being improved using modern cell phone technology via smartphones. Several mobiles sold in Korea and Japan already has integrated “pico” projectors, which makes it convenient for mobile online casino gamers to watch a movie or play Internet games on a wall.

At present, the Disney Group is thinking in advance compared to Western smartphone developers. The company is currently enhancing game applications for smartphones, which was presented in Vancouver at the 2011 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Moreover, Ivan Poupyrev and Karl Willis are the lead researchers, exploring and developing the milestone invention called “Motion Beam,” at the Disney Research test site in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the Motion Beam prototypes will allows a user to manipulate diminutive yellow character that runs around the surface display gathering stars. To control the figure, the online casino or mobile gamer uses the hand-held project like a torch, enabling ample game interaction. The model assimilates technology found in a laser projector, iPod and microcontroller-sensor component. The sensors contain a gyroscope and accelerometer to measure the distance of the projector from the viewing surface and to regulate picture appropriately and it also senses the movements of the smartphone.

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