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As the popularity of online casino gambling has increased, as well as other form of gaming, such as lotto, bingo and poker – related crimes are also increasing, leaving a number of online casinos and gaming punters dejected and victimized. This week, the Lottery Post reported that the owner of a convenience store in North Carolina may face criminal charges for wrongful doing after being caught by lottery detectives, the victim, however, who thought that her number were unsuccessful received a hefty surprise of an $88,000 windfall.

Kecia Nehring Parker always bet on the same fluky numbers and they consistency paid off. Parker did not just win the $88,000 cash prize but she also assisted lottery detectives in seeking her out whey they purported treachery. Parker who was vacationing with her family last August 2010 when she purchased her lucky ticket for the North Carolina State Education Lottery, however, Sureshbha Patel said that it was not a winning ticket. Patel then waited until February 2011 to claim the winnings for himself -- only to find out that before claiming the prize stringent security measures are applied. Van Denton, a lottery spokesperson said that the winnings were never given to Patel and his business is suspended until further notice, whilst, Parker was located by detectives due to her playing style. The cooperation displayed between online casino or gaming punters with certified authorities within the land and online casinos help solve illicit and felonious acts.

Since 2006, Parker has being betting on similar numbers which are 9-13-16-17-21. The lucky gambler was definitely thrilled and plans to allocate the money for her children’s college fund. Patel, is currently convicted with felony, but was freed after he posted a $50,000 bail. Advice for online casino and gaming punters, being informed and vigilant certainly lowers one’s risk into being conned.

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