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A Liberal Dutch Gove
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A Liberal Dutch Government



Rumours that a new Dutch administration is taking new and progressive methods toward the nation’s online casino laws seem confirmed. Reuters quoted some sources from Holland’s government saying that policy changes have been made. They also said that the country’s coalition administration, effected last October, aims to dispense licenses that will offer online casinos and other gaming services to Holland’s gaming public. The move should make sense as gamblers in the country are not paying attention to the old government’s prohibition of Internet gambling. The suggested legislation signifies a huge overhaul of policies for Netherlands. They have been actively supporting the Internet gaming ban.

This is a big change, a new administration that is more liberal towards online casino gambling will change the landscape of the Dutch market. The State Secretary of Security and Justice Fredrik Teeven wrote a letter that was sent to the legislative body of the Netherlands stating that a huge number of Dutch citizens ignored earlier bans by playing at online casinos, and the changing of the laws will foster more oversight. Teeven stated other European nations like France, Austria, Italy, Sweden and Britain as nations to be followed in their approach towards Internet gambling. These countries are regulating Internet gambling rather than ban it.

Teeven is urging the Dutch government to hand out licenses for online casinos and other Internet gaming ventures like Inter poker, sports betting and bingo. He added that while gamblers should be given suitable and appealing gaming options, it is important to protect them from problems like addiction and fraud as, like in any trade, unscrupulous operators are always present to take advantage of the gamblers. The Dutch administration estimates Euros 10 million, at the very least, can be generated from Internet lottery and gambling revenue taxes.

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