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The Cyprus government is resolute in banning online casino within their jurisdiction even though several companies milled the country’s thoroughfare. The decision caused many politicians to hue and cry out against the policies, whilst some claimed that the unmerited decision establishes a monopolized tableau for the state-owned Greek company, OPAP and unfairly forces other online casinos out.

Operators of several online casinos have joined the protest, stating that whilst they are being hounded – OPAP revels in its advantage and the injunction was created by anonymous persons closely linked to the company, which controls Proto, Joker, Lotto and Kino. Rikkos Erotokritou and Nicholas Papadopoulos, respectively from Euroko Party and DIKO shares similar sentiments, stating that the proposal’s overture and operation will certainly result in a monopoly. OPAP’s response was clearly printed out in black-and-white in a full-page publication stating that the company paid out a sum of Euro 117,081,295 of winnings to Cypriots in 2010. However, the publication did not itemize the amount wagered by Cypriots to OPAP’s online casino games to earn this immense cash crop.

Attorney-General Petros Clerides asserted that OPAP games are entirely diverse and authorized under state law, and did not cause any licit actions unlike other Internet gaming sites hence the prohibition to lessen felonies and corruption. The European Commission concurred with Clerides, thereby favouring the proposals, however, the opposing team alleged that football betting and horse racing are not illegal and doesn’t promote crimes, therefore the government’s tactics are inconsistent and unjust. Cyprus Mail perceived that ambiguity within the law gave rise to Internet gaming and banning such ventures will only make it dissident, controlled by criminals, which will render online casino punters unsafe – an unobstructed point-of-view that should be considered by legislators when they make the final vote.

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