The sites forbidden by the aams what happens to them?

Sites that do not have the aams license are considered as banned sites. 
The banned sites are those sites that offer online gaming services without AAMS authorization and, unfortunately, in Italy there are more than 4000.

Usually the banned sites are foreign portals, generally managed by offshore companies and sites translated into Italian of which they are not interested in providing themselves with the aams license, or secondary sites that link to the pages of legal online casinos.

In any case, it is not recommended to play on prohibited sites as there is no guarantee of security on where our money may end up. It is easy to come across scams on prohibited sites.

Inexperienced players are often unaware of having to check whether the site is in possession of the aams license. 
To avoid banned sites, we advise you to always register in the most famous online casinos and to inform yourself well about the nature of the site before releasing your data.