Roulette tricks, play on the triplets and win on the second round!

Triplet roulette tricks, how to make the most of them? Very often we find articles on roulette tricks where the method is explained but not how to best act to win as much as possible at roulette. Today we want to explain to you how to exploit the triplets.

We are preparing for the game knowing that the dealer during the first laps will always be ahead of us and knowing that, the more the laps increase, the better we get. So let’s play 1 euro on red and 1 euro on black four times to score the results that come out.

Now we can put into practice the roulette tricks for the triplets. We need to identify the triplets that came out frequently. 

Without this we bet 10 euros on the triplets that have not yet come out. If we win, let’s start again from the beginning through a new data collection (remember that you have won 120 euros) and, having done this, we make a new bet but this time of 20 euros.

If we lose, we bet 30 euros on the next round and we stop if even this triplet hits the mark, in which case luck will have prevailed over our roulette tricks. But do not give up because it is a method that hardly fails but does not guarantee anything.